The Omegatrix

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The Omegatrix

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Name: Omegatrix

Creator: Currently unknown alien company

Appearance/Picture: A purple Ultimatrix with a company logo on the face plate somewhat resembling a snake skewering an ambiguously mound like object.

Known Functions: It works a lot like the Omnitrix, functioning in the exact manner when choosing aliens. Though you can choose them by thought should you not be able to use your hands in a normal way. It is also more accurate when selecting by hand then the Ultimatrix. The aliens are also stronger physically and with their powers. It also does not power down as fast.

Known Bugs: When the alien is selected by mind, it is almost never the one you want. In addition, there is no ultimate setting. It should also be noted there are absolutely no aliens on the Omegatrix and it has no scan function. You have to download aliens from a computer program, making you to download the exact DNA of an alien onto a computer if you want to turn into it. This difficult without Galvin level technology if you want to become something that actually exists.

Modes: Powered mode: when you can turn into an alien.
Alien mode: you are an alien.
Recharge mode: exactly what it says on the tin.

Wielder: James Vallen

Misc.: Originally designed for the purpose of a marketable Omnitrix with improved functions. This included a storing system inside the watch itself, should the Primus be destroyed. It can really only store a little over 100. But after the invention of the ultimate mode made their watch obsolete, and their attempt at a Primus itself was a complete disaster, the project was abandoned. James uses it by uploading documents from a program he has called “Chromo-Zone” that lets you create your own DNA-structures. Of course, this almost always ends up with puddles of primordial soup, though he saves the few that he gets right, and takes advantage of their boosted abilities.

List of Aliens:
  • (Gymbo)
  • (Ryu)
  • (Heavy Wind)
  • (sephiroth) (aka durpy)
  • (treeon)
  • (DartDove)
  • (SBFS)
  • (amungus)
  • (geneius)
  • (earthwyrm)
  • (NeuRNA)


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