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Post  TheComicCreator on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:32 am

Name: Megan

Nicknames: Meg, Paleochick


Appearance/Picture: Megan Eccond D34oiz6Long blond hair with red highlighs, usually in ponytail, wears a t-shirt and skinnies. Blue eyes.

CTD: The Paleotrix

CTD Time Period: Any period before the present(Territary, Jurassic, etc.)

Personality: A bit of a bookworm at times. Other than that she's a fun loving Paleotoligist. She knows of every extinct animal ever discovered. She eonjoys spending time with the wielders.

Likes: Fossils, dinosaurs, animiatronics, extinct creatures, a good book, her cousin and his girlfriend, guys who aren't nerds(but not your typical jock).

Dislikes: Boring people, those who believe fossils are only useless rocks.

Misc.: Megan is ambidexterous. When given to her, the Paleotrix sensed this and can teleport itself to either of her wrists.

Jon- Cousin
Sabrina Eccond-Aunt
Robert Eccond- Uncle
Alexandria and Sarah Sehk-Cousins

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