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Joshua Zaril Skamota
Josh, Lizard boy (though used as more of an insult)
Around 6'2, Josh is covered in greyish-brown scales with black claws instead of normal fingernails on his hands and feet, he also has a long tail that can be used like another limb, he doesn't usually wear shoes or socks, as he prefers to keep them bare, he head resembles one of a komodo dragon, though slightly larger, with ridges above his eyes, small holes instead of ears, sharp teeth, a pink forked tounge that he occasionally flickers, and yellow, slitted eyes. Josh usually wears his sleeveless "You're Being Monitered" T-shirt and light blue shorts. He wears the Varanitrix on his left hand.
Josh is very calm and relaxed, but that has been know to change on a moments notice if he and/or his friends are attacked, then he becomes very dangerous (or at least to the attackers).
Josh is known to be serious and very secretive to all but his closest friends.
Hanging out with friends, reading books, visiting his old friends on his homeworld, a variety of sports
His uncle (Long story), anyone who tries to hurt his friends, anything cold
Josh is very intelligent, proving to be smart enough to make upgrades to his Varanitrix and adding an ulimate feature. As a Varanian, his sense of smell is much stronger than the average person, he is also much stronger and faster than average humans. Josh is trained in several forms of fighting and can wield almost any weapon, making him deadly even if he isn't using the Varanitrix.
  • Jon, Grant, Tyson- Very close friends
  • The majority of the ATD, CTD, and ETD weilders- Friends


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