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Post  agentbeast on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:59 pm

Name: Xenon

Other Names: X, Xavier Xaimoungkhoun

Crimes: Murder, Kidnapping, Theft

Continuities: Omnitrix-s

Age: Unknown

Appearance/Picture: Appears to be made up of concentrated light contained within fragments of many diffirent types of armors.
In his human disguise which he occasionally shifts into he is tall, broad shouldered and strong with spikey blond hair and oddly light brown eyes. Blue suits are all he typically wears as a human.

Personality: Feels superior to everyone.

Likes: Superiority and control.

Dislikes: Azmuth, Evolution and loss of control. That is, in addition to practically everyone else in the universes.

Signature weapons, strategies, etc.: Agelessness and immortality are his two strongest weapons and defenses. Manipulation over metals and technologies while in contact with them, occasional teleportation. Also, he cannot be physically touched unless immediately after teleportation.
He will also use weapons gained throughout time and space if he believes that the battle isn't too threatening. This includes ancient human swords all the way to hightech alien blasters and beyond.

Misc.: Is immortal and has only one weakness. The first is a small sort of blackhole that has supposedly devoured his entire species besides himself called the Lost Light. However, he's been around forever and it will most likely remain that way especially aslong as the Lost Light remains lost.
He also hates Azmuth along with many other inventors as he feels that he is incharge of making sure that beings do not surpass what he thinks of as their initial capabilities. For this same reason, he despises evolution but has long since given up defeating that.
Fortunately for the ATD Wielders, and everyone else, he isn't a constant threat because he'll give up attempts everyonce and a while.
He can control many aspects of the universe though, and what he can't yet he aims to.

    [* Azmuth is one of his pure hates
    [* The ATD Wielders and others like them are his constant annoyance
    [* Most beings are easily made to do his bidding


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