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I'll call it something simple and striking: the PSYCHYTRIX!With it,Chaos is gonna pay for all the lives he took away!

Originally the Omnitrix,the Ultimatrix was upgraded with the complete Potis Altiare from another world,which greatly enhances the power and abilities of all aliens, and integrated with the magical Psychic Stone of The black hole surrounded planet Rozumite XI,Which increases the abilities of Psychic aliens to a degree that defies Imagination.Ultimatrix was upgraded into the Psychytrix By Imad, his dimension's Azmuth and Pearl the Psychysapien scientist.It has been designed by Imad to look like Ultimate Masquerade's head,the most powerful transformation in the Psychytrix,due to him being a psychic alien who would master all powers imaginable in given time including reality warping.It's golden color is meant to represent perfection and Absolute Power.
Imad is the unique user of the Psychytrix,and has used its power more than once to enhance the powers of Ultimate Masquerade to Demi-god or even god-like potential to stop major threats.This would later backfire on him in his fifth story.
Here's a link of the Psychytrix (the Golden Device) at this link:

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