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Post  Binkatong on Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:22 pm

Alternitrix Boost Function

History: How it Came to Be

A few months after Alternate Azmuth sent the Alternitrix into the Ben 10 universe we know, it got out to the public in his universe that their Omnitrix was gone. Most people were relieved to hear that it they didn’t have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. Some people were furious that they now had no chance of obtaining it. And then there were a few people, a select group in the entertainment industry, who saw profit.

That universe has very advanced technology when it comes to alternate universes- they can send small objects through the barriers between them, such as what Azmuth did, and just recently they invented a device that allows one to see and hear into other realities. At that point, the last of those had only been used for research, but this TV development team got their hands on one and added a means of recording. Then they found which universe Bink lives in and made a reality TV show about her and her friends, and their alien fighting adventures and daily life drama.

It was a HUGE hit. For how big the fandom was, think the Star Trek fandom plus Harry Potter, on an intergalactic scale. It enthralled people of all species to be able to see into another universe, with creatures they would never have imagined in their entire lives (not all species here make sense in another universe), and know for a fact that everything they saw was real. It was the only true reality TV, since no one could ever contact the characters. They found the characters fascinating and entertaining, even obsession worthy. Though it mostly appealed to the nerdy, intellectual crowd, no one could deny its popularity. The most popular character on it is Bink, but this is mainly due to the fact that she’s the central character, and that she turned into species that they could relate with. (This also leads to her being the one hit on the most by fans, because typically people find their own species more attractive than others.) The other ATD wielders, while not as huge, have significant fan followings as well.

After ATD (as the show was titled) had been out for a while, there were already enough fans to have an entire convention for it. Mega fans across the galaxy attended, and a group of them, all skilled and well-known biological and mechanical engineers, sat down at the same table by pure chance. They became fast friends, and decided that they wanted to do something to change the world of ATD forever. They wanted to invent something that would allow Bink to use something like Ben’s Ultimate function, but in a way that wouldn’t change her appearance too much. (Several of them were crushing on some of her alien forms at the time, and probably still are.) One of them had invented a metallic compound that, while extremely hard, metallic and practically indestructible, was very flexible, lightweight, and could form itself based on programmed instructions, usually into organic shapes. So they came up with a plan.

They analyzed each of Bink’s aliens to find their major weaknesses, or just things that could be added to make them even more awesome. Then they programmed the metal compound to form constructions that would fit on her alien’s bodies and fix the problems they pinpointed before. After all of her aliens had programs, they sent a little robot into the other universe and had it latch on to the Alternitrix and download some new programming. They agreed that, whenever she unlocked a new alien, they would create a form for that too.

No one ever found out who invented the Boost Function, as Bink later dubbed it. But it has since become an integral part of the show, and how she fights crime.

Functions: What it Does

The Boost Function, as described before, adds constructions made of a metal compound that Bink calls AmeliOre (from “ameliorate” (to make something inadequate better, to improve) and “ore”) to reduce the weaknesses and increase the strengths of the alien form. It is an optional feature she can access by turning the Alternitrix symbol on her alien form 90 degrees to the right. (She can do this with her mind if she can’t reach it.) It only works some of the time, and if it fails she transforms back to human. After she’s finished using it, the Alternitrix completely times out and she can’t transform anymore. She doesn’t use this function all too much, though as she gets better at defending herself in human form, she becomes more inclined to use this.
Unfortunately, while greatly improving the aliens, these additions are limited as to how much material is used, so it can’t fix everything.

Here is a list of what each alien gets when Boost Function is activated:

Gillphon: Gains a jetpack which allows it to run, swim and fly even faster, as well as shoot blasts of water (if she can fill up her tank).

Burrowrym: Nodes are added all along its body, which allow it to emit electric shocks from anywhere, not just its mouth. Still a slave to instinct.

Rosemerry: Some armor plating that acts like a turtle shell, allowing her to retreat into it.

Tarwhal: Mechanical bipedal legs that are resistant to gunking up.

Nudichidna: Not much could be done for this one, since they can’t increase intelligence, but they reinforced the claws with AmeliOre.

Dividend: Added enhancements to the stomach make it so that it can digest inorganic matter to make clones. It doesn’t supply all necessary nutrients, though, so it still must eat some organic stuff.

Tuckitooth: Has exoskeleton along the limbs, to keep from breaking them.

Amoebase: Several plates are added floating around on top of the main body, which can be moved around at will. Keeps it from accidentally corroding stuff.

Sediment: Some of the weaker levels of stone on its body are replaced by AmeliOre, which is much stronger.

Sawder: Has a pack with several loose rods of AmeliOre inside, which regenerate after turning back. Can use these in its constructions.

Gorelinda: A chain is added which connects her and her broom, so she can’t loose it.

Propain: Adds a mechanism that can redirect the flames out of its back, so it can shoot it in almost any direction.

BPMamba: Mechanical arms and some armor plating.

Fairytail: Metal reinforcements on the tail to prevent it from snapping.

Infernoptera: Visor to protect her eyes from sunlight.

Caraprison: Given retractable spikes on the inside of her body so she can harm people inside it.

Soundtrack: A gas mask to keep nitrogen poisoning from being a problem, and some armor over its vitals.

Refrogerator: Sort of skate-like things on its feet, allowing it to move somewhat faster.

Lyre Lyre: Exoskeletal reinforcements that get it up to human Olympic athlete levels of strength.

Pixystuck: Another exoskeleton one.

Enthalpy: A control on its arm that allows it to increase or decrease the size of the area around it which is frozen; works by adding or subtracting heat from the heat field which forces the Alterntrix to take more or less. Works between 5 and 40 feet.

Server: Allows it to contribute to telepathic conversations, if there are less than 10 people involved. More than that and she cannot.

Symdiosis: Limiters inside of the parasite doubles the time of the supercharge to 20 minutes.

Xor: A brace is added along the entire chord attaching her to the portal, slowing the pulling down.

Pentacock: She gains a special restraint mechanism, that makes it so one of her friends has to have both their hands on the sensors on her shoulder blades in order for her to cast a spell.


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