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Post  TheComicCreator on Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:02 pm

Okay, so I'm Jon.

I currently have only two ATD wielders: Jon, weilder of the Ultitrix, created by Gylax(one of Brainstorm's species) and Ian(a borderline bad guy) weilder of the Invertrix.

i also have three CTD weilders (Creature Transformation Device): Scott, his sister Riley, and Jon's cousin Megan Eccond. Scott and Riley share similar devices. The Biolotrix A, and The Boilotrix B. The Biolotrix allows theses siblings to transform into any future animal that will evolve from 2010 onward, the animals you know have either gone extinct or evolved to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Megan however, can transform into the exact opposite, anything that's gone extinct on the planet up to 2010.

Jon's Ultitrix contains DNA from the Andromeda Galaxy,and also has a few of the same forms as Ben(Gourmand, Talapandean, etc.) It doesn't screw up as much as the Omnitrix or any of the other watches, but Jon seems to obtain a new alien at least once a week. Since it has a weak link to his brain, he knows the basic powers and appearence of a new alien while in the midst of transforming into in, being able to name it the second the transformation is over.His alien total, within about 4 years of owning it, is already up to 167. He allows Grant and Mack to live in his house, seeing as he owns it. His mother(Kineceleran) and his father(human) were both plumbers. His mom was brutally murdered by Vilgax, and his father kidnapped. That was when he was 11.
Jon obtained the Ultitrix when Ben beat him up for picking on him in grade school. Ben used Ditto to rough him up, Rath to seriously hurt him(a sliver of the Omnitrix broke off and rebuilt unnoticed, it was actually the Ultitrix and was a failsafe incase the Omnitrix got seriously damaged or stolen), and during the unfair duel with Cannonbolt, the sliver inserted itself into an open wound on Jon's left arm. Ben left him unconcious, and when he awoke, his left arm was covered by the Ultitrix.
Jon's girlfriend is Jade, who is half Petrosapien. Like Jon, she retains a human form, while having alien powers. Her father is Tetrax, whom saved Jon from meeting the same fate as his father. She commonly hits Jon, or corrects his mistakes, she's trying to stop him from being so rude to friends.

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