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Name: Gammatrix

Creator: Azmuth

Appearance/Picture: Basic black watch with the Earth Test Symbol on it.

Known Functions: Being an early prototype it only has one function:To transform the user into any alien of they're choice. So no universal translater.

Known Bugs: Takes an hour to recharge but takes two hours to waste all of the energy.

Modes:All of the modes are shown through one glowing button on the side of the trix: Active(Green) - Recharge(Red)

Wielder: Vern Meyer

Misc.: The Gammatrix is an early version of the omnitrix but it is less advance with only one feature and it has gathered a bit of rust too.

List of Aliens:
  • Nightro
  • Liquidot
  • Botnest
  • Hicclap
  • Stretchomo


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