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Post  Cye99 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:55 pm

Name: Negatrix

Creator: Unknown

Appearance/Picture: Attached to user by silver band on wrist. Purple face plate with black button in center.

Known Functions: Alien transformation

Known Bugs: Doesn't work well under stress from user.

Modes: Purple: active; Dark blue: Nonactive

Wielder: Mackenzie Granger

List of Aliens: Dirtclod, Octophantom, Punchingbag, Chickenscratch, SwordNShield, Witchdocter, Cowhide, Lavashark, Daggerviper, Weatherpython, Stickfigure, Stopwatch, Dig-a-Hole, Ladyfinger, IceFyre, Shadowcreep, Hogwash, Firearms, Snowsuit, Arctick, Deathblow, Daydream & Nightmare, Paintball, Deadwillow, Beartrap, Moonwalk, Growthspurt, MPH, Gasguzzle, Iceglove, Sleetail, Hammerhead, Wolfpack, Slobhound, Wildbeast, Seafloor,Beartrap, Iceglove, Growthdspurt, Deadwillow, Moonwalk, Sleetail, moodstone, Katanife, Phantomghost, Gasguzzler, bambisaurus, Wiseguy, Tomahawk, Slobhound, Roadrage, X-RAY, Mute, Venomspit, Apefang, Blindside, Flicktongue, U.F.A., Stoneface, AmythystShard, Cherrybomb, Backbone, Sushiroll, Sackbag, Devilspit, Cannonblast, K-9, Gob-Stopper, Skyscraper, BBQ,

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Re: Negatrix

Post  TheComicCreator on Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:25 pm

Yay for names i helped with! Dummy

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