The ten-pack Omnitrix

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The ten-pack Omnitrix

Post  Milo-the-Kinecelefan on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:49 am

Name: Omnitrix

Creator: Gaxev

Appearance/Picture: pretty much the same as the Omnitrix pre-recalibration.

Known Functions: Alien transformation, Link to Jake's ATD, DNA scanning, radiation detection, low power use mode

Known Bugs: This ATD has its own DNA database, so no link to Primus. That means it should always work, right? WRONG. The database's order often gets scrambled, so the silhouette for one form is likely to be synced with the genetic structure of another. It's programmed to re-sync correctly whenever the system notices the bug, but the system is not very well programmed. Its default setting sometimes gets switched, so Dylan ends up stuck in alien form for hours, until the system reboots itself. It sometimes times out (goes into recharge mode) when not in use, so Dylan is unable to transform, but this hasn't happened in battle yet, luckily.

Modes: Active-Green, Recharge-Red, Self-destruct-Orange, Recalibration-Dark blue, Survival-Black /w green triangles, Inactive-White

Wielder: Dylan Millson

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