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Post  Milo-the-Kinecelefan on Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:43 pm

Name: Dylan
Nicknames: Dylan 1,000,000
Age: Ben 10: 10, Alien Force: 15, Ultimate Alien: 16.

Appearance: short brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, somewhat large hands and feet
ATD: The Antnitrix
Personality: He is usually serious and a bit cynical, but after receiving his omnitrix, through alien ancestry, he gained a psychic link with Ben (and Bink, but there are no signs of that) and because of that he tends to gets cocky(Like Ben) during battles.

Likes: Aliens, Having an ATD, Ligers, Lemurs, Being animalian aliens , Apples, Reptiles, Amphibians, Sculpting

Dislikes: Pickles, Gaxev, Xenocytes, Testosterone junkies, Humans, The fact that he is a human

Misc.: Dylan's Omnitrix was being shipped from Dyworxus to Encephalonus IV for destruction, when Gaxev, the "creator" of this omnitrix, Attacked the ship to reclaim his "rightful property". both ships ended up destroyed, and the omnitrix plummeted to the earth, landing a few miles from Dylan's neighborhood. Dylan saw the flash out his window and went to find the crater, and was surprised to find what he thought to be an intact meteor Lying slightly submerged at the bank of a lake. he poked it with a long stick, which triggered it to open, and Dylan climbed down into the hole to investigate. He heard foot steps, so he put it back in the pod, grabbed the pod, and went home. The next day, after he woke up and realized he hadn't dreamed the experience, he accidentally turned the Omnitrix on and it jumped onto his wrist, BLAHBLAHBLAHANTIMATRIX FUSED WITH IT BLAHBLAHBLAHALIEN FORCE HE STILL HAD IT ONBLAHBLAHBLAH BEN GOT FAMOUS HE FELT RIPPED OFF BLAHBLAHBLAH

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