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Name: Neurotrix

Creator: J'baüldyn (anodite)


Known Functions: Abilities of the Neurotrix:

1. It's attached to his brain, so Tyson rarely has issues with it, but it does malfunction ocasionally for the very same reason.

2. It allows for Combos

3. has Ultimate mode, which can be applied to all other DNA related modes

4. It has DNA from 5 galaxies, Including the Anromeda and Milky way

5. Allows for DNA to be fused with the user's, so he can retain powers in human form. The DNAmplifier allows the DNA to be amplified, allowing for more DNA samples, as there is only a limited amount of DNA that can be fused with the user before mutation occurs. The Superhuman mode does drain the battery. And can sometimes malfunction or be unreliable due to the unstable nature of the mode.

6.J'baüldyn installed a mode that as a last resort transformation for Tyson is into an insanely powerful anodyte based genetic combination. Tyson has no control over this from though, as the power consumes this transformation, rendering it wild. Tyson calls it D-Dyte. that D stands for Death, doom, and destruction.

Known Bugs: Bettery drains quickly, somewhat unreliable

Modes: Super human, transformation, recharge, database, hack

Wielder: Tyson

Misc.: It's connected to his nerves. Tyson was intrusted with it due to his passion. To charge it, Tyson needs to connect to a local power source. he often does so by smashing a lightbulb. Wires will then come out,a nd connect to the circuit to draw power

List of Aliens:
  • Batteringram
  • Invisilizard
  • Samuraptor
  • Ivyman
  • Swarm
  • Scrapheap
  • Mayhem Monster
  • Jack frost
  • Smartsound
  • ATT
  • Howlermonkey
  • Grubpecker
  • Shining knight
  • Boomdiyata
  • Feared fiddler
  • Krakatoan
  • Sugardemon
  • Handssum
  • Bidelaire
  • Brains and brawn
  • Candledeer
  • Underpressure
  • Anemole
  • Waste
  • Alkem
  • Swampswim
  • Magma Maggot
  • Coldfusion
  • Bucketbrain
  • Spinkey
  • Pressurecooker
  • Cryotus
  • Hardhead
  • Vulcano
  • B.C.
  • Whirlstar
  • Cabrain
  • Palmsaw
  • Lightning rod
  • Amp
  • Firecracker
  • Bubblebrains
  • Fintion
  • Soundstretch
  • Bigbeam
  • Snotshark
  • Burat
  • Narmole
  • Delerium
  • KingKoil
  • Braineyak
  • Scarecrow
  • Smartyant
  • Grifire
  • Spuid
  • Parament
  • Telebrain
  • thorncutter
  • Bombashear
  • Duplarm
  • Pikax
  • Splob
  • Arc
  • Marbrain
  • Sonikarm
  • Poleye


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