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Post  Joshua Ford on Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:21 am



Creator:Joshua Ford

Appearance/Picture:Looks Like A black Mp3 player that hangs around the owners neck It has two white streak's on either side It has a directional pad and a screen that has a picture of an alien you change by hitting the play button.

Known Functions:Mp3 mode: Works just like a regular Mp3 player. Alien mode: Change into an alien. Scan mode: Scan's Other people so you can hear there thoughts.

Known Bugs:Prone to Not working, Not changing into the right alien.

Modes:Same as functions

Wielder:Joshua ford


List of Aliens:Upgrade/ Echo Echo/ Ditto/ Blox/ Feedback/ XLR8/ Diamondhead/ Big chill/ Heatblast/ Rath/ CD Byte (Look In aliens)

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