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Post  Minicliff127 on Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:35 pm

Name: Ancientrix

Creator: Azmuth

Appearance/Picture: Golden Pocket Watch, chain attached to body

Known Functions: transforming Archie into aliens

Known Bugs: Has some trouble choosing aliens

Modes: Activation Mode

Wielder: Archie

Misc.: Azmuth created this for a rich friend who then was attacked and so sent it to Earth where Archie found it

List of Aliens:
[*] Ion
[*] Cast-Iron
[*] Fuse (relative of Upgrade)
[*] Hydrator
[*] Jet Fighter
[*] Mitto (relative of Ditto)
[*] Upheaval (relative of Benviktor)
[*] Weaponsmith
[*] Windbag
[*] Flashfreeze
[*] Paintbomb
[*] Ricochet
[*] Pepsqueak

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