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Post  Minicliff127 on Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:27 pm

Name: Multitrix

Creator: Albedo

Appearance/Picture: Red gauntlet, yellow arrows pointing away from faceplate

Known Functions: transforming Jacob into alien

Known Bugs: has trouble with Ultimates

Modes: Activation Mode, Ultimate Mode

Wielder: Jacob


List of Aliens:
[*] Aquarium
[*] Batguana
[*] Bouncy
[*] Forest Fire
[*] FourBlades
[*] Mad Machine
[*] Smart Aleck
[*] Tampoline
[*] Wildebeast
[*] Wildfreak
[*] Chopper Hanger
[*] Sulphuric
[*] Supernova (ultimate Forest Fire)
[*] Blindspot (ultimate Batguana)

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