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Post  DeadRyb on Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:06 pm

Name:Vernon Prendergast





Personality:Vern has grown up learning that having friends is better than not so he has, over time become a master at socializing. Although he is an orphan and a foster child who is usually passed around foster homes, he immediately makes friends wherever he is. But as soon as he turned 18 he started to turn to alcohol to stop hallucinations of his dead parents.


Dislikes:His Constant Hallucinations

Misc.:When he was 8 he was abducted, by a species that has recently died out, along with his parents. His parents were abducted because they tried to intervene and since they weren't of any value to them they were executed. Vern was inserted with a device that has several uses. One of the uses was fulfilled when Vern got a watch and the watch was transformed into a ATD. And as for the other uses, no one knows exactly what they will do.

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