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Post  imadmagician on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:52 am

Xadim is the first Villain introduced in the series of Imad 10. Basically, he's a Imad from another Dimension. Like the original, he found the omnitrix in the same circumstances and used it first as an instrument of good and justice. But it was when his best friend and girlfriend was murdered that he took the dark path of anti-heroism and then of a cruel dictator, hoping that this way, he could avenge his lover and prevent evil from prospering. After he was defeated the first time and exiled from HaraCity, no one knows where he took refuge the first months, but he then went to Azmuth saying he wants nothing more then redemption and being forgiven for his past actions. In five years,he became a galvan citizen who made his way into Azmuth's most trusted assistants. It was only then that he revealed his true face: He stole from the central computer the plans for the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix,and used them to manufacture thousands of omnitrixes for his robots and one powerful ultimatrix for his personal usage. He created an army that invaded or even destroyed many nations and razed many planets. When Imad confronted him, it was revealed that he became insane and obsessed with revenge, death and destruction, and had in mind the fixated idea of killing his double. He was defeated through great effort and was imprisoned and taken to reeducation on Galvan prime.
One year later, he was brought out of imprisonment and partnered with Imad in order to stop a highly dangerous Osmosian,Varos .He was a given an Ultimatrix that would explode and take him out should he kill his counterpart. While traveling to the core of existence, he revealed to his doppelganger the true reason why he took this dark path years ago,and listen to some friendly advice Imad gave him. During the battle with Varos, he ordered his ultimatrix to self destruct to take out Varos,seemingly sacrificing himself in the process. Imad then defeated Varos and found him alive, but on the edge of death. At this moment,Xadim told Imad he was truly sorry for all the bad deeds he had done,and that he realized now that his deceased girlfriend would not have wanted him to avenge her, but to give people another chance. Imad was touched and healed Xadim. Imad was at the point of being erased of existence when Pearl from the future traveled to their location and healed Imad,before transporting him and his friend back home.

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