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Name: Galen Parkenson

Nicknames: Gale, Galeforce, Puppy Eyes, Dogbreath

Age: 34(12 in Earth years)

Appearance/Picture: He looks like an Australian Shepard with an ATD on his shoulders/torso. But he can grow slightly in size and stand on his hind legs.

ATD: Exotitrix

Personality: Very laid back and scientific. He is indeed the Tyson/Cligsean from TBOI(meaning he is the resourceful and strateigic one). But in 2nd Omnitrix and the other series, he gets over-energetic sometimes.

Likes: Being a wielder, having a place to live, running around fast and getting adrenaline pumping, letting instinct take over.

Dislikes: Going so far in battle that his feral instinct take over because it is dangerous, others thinking that he is just another dog.

Misc.: Galen is the only ATD wielder from The Brink Of Insanity that one, I will allow to be used in other stories, and two, the only ATD wielder from TBOI that does not show up in the beginning of Eps. 1.

Melkutt- Good Friend
Tu-Thrah and Amy- Alien BFFs
Jon, Montreal and Jonah- Guy friends
Ian- He is the dominent alpha to Galen(Jon sorta is too, but he's scared of Ian more)

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