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Post  agentbeast on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:43 pm

Name: Cephle

Other Names: n/a

Crimes: Murder

Continuities: Omnitrix-s

Age: 234

Appearance/Picture: True appearance is a mystery to most, he hides behind a red and gold robe and a mask in the shape of a squid.

Personality: Distant and longing. Constantly curious and usually more intrigued than angry, which makes his villianous role sometimes curious.

Likes: Squids and tentacles

Dislikes: Other religions

Signature weapons, strategies, etc.: Only battles using creatures, machines, or items that have things in common with squids or other similar creatures. Is commonly absent during the actual fight.

Misc.: Leads a faction of a cult by an unknown name. Their religion tells of a success of depleting an entire race of species on a planet, so he orders attacks on random planets hoping to one day succeed as their legends have inspired.

    [* n/a


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