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Post  agentbeast on Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:09 pm

Name: Chrome

Other Names: Chris Chesters(Real Name)

Crimes: Drug Use and Abuse, shop lifting, murder

Continuities: Omnitrix-s

Age: 43

Appearance/Picture: Tall and thin. Silver hair and mustache. Silver suits.

Personality: Is very casual no matter if he's just chatting with you or trying to kill you

Likes: Silver and other shiny things.

Dislikes: Rust, as it makes things look much uglier that he'd like to think they should be.

Signature weapons, strategies, etc.: Fights using a a whole lot of shiny, silver pellets. On a hard impact the pellets release a sort of silvery dust that coats it's victims and turns them into shiny, silver statues. He also knows many types of martial arts, which he tends to show and usually does so with a simple black staff as his weapon.
He can manipulate living beings that have been turned to statues, however he's not very practiced or talented with this ability.

Misc.: Though he isn't human he was raised as one on the streets, he eventually travelled around the world trying to make his life worth something. During his journey he studied martial arts, among other subjects, and helped Carbone Tech to modify alien technology into his pellets. Anything about him before the age of eight is completely unknown.

    [* Not many worth counting, he's lost his friends and doesn't bother to make more


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