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Post  agentbeast on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:35 pm

Name: Druff

Other Names: Cet'rrar Drerrnov (Original name)

Crimes: Drug Dealing, Drug Use, Murder

Continuities: Omnitrix-s

Age: 68

Appearance/Picture: Bulky and very dark skinned. Crater like marks pattern his body unevenly. Short, blunt claws that mach his skin's tecture and color completely. Four white and beady eyes. His teeth are yellow and rotten,
Dresses in suits.

Personality: Is surprisingly kind and understanding, until angered.

Likes: Profit and sucess.

Dislikes: Being beaten and children.

Signature weapons, strategies, etc.: Fights using hired thugs, assassins and even random people off of the streets. If it comes to it though, he has no problem fighting on his own. In his own fights he'd use, in addition to his bulk and claws, a number of alien drugs to be used at his advantage.

Misc.: Is immune to the effects of most drugs, this is because he used them so often that his body rapidly became used to them.
Dislikes children because of his own miserable childhood, and because of the fact that he'll have none of his own.
Regardless of everyone looking to kill him they will most likely all fail, while his cough will most likely be what claims his life.

    [* Has various relationships with various people depending on the time, friendships, partnerships and hatreds each change quite often for him


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