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Post  agentbeast on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:23 pm

Name: Jekyll

Real Name: Matt Rattle

Crimes: Murder, assault, robbery.

Continuities: Omnitrix-s

Age: 25

Appearance/Picture: A blank, black suit and an eventually gained mask made up of many metal shards.

Personality: Though it may shift and alter, fairly thurough and determined. Prides himself in his sometimes elaborate plans.

Likes: Killing. Proving his point. Winning. Plans.

Dislikes: Working without a plan. Failure. Cages.

Signature weapons, strategies, etc.: Uses others when they can be manipulated. Often elaborate schemes can sometimes be recognized as his. An occasional obsession with opposites.

Misc.: Is an additional and minor personality within Matt's damaged mind. His appearance reveals the possibility of more problems to come.
Also, Ounce permits a sort of healing factor.

    [* Though he would mostly prefer not to show it, often can't help but hold back if facing most of the Wielders.
    [* Past enemies aren't so easily forgotten or forgiven, nor are past allies
    [* A near secret obsession with a women named Carma Cazenove, like all of the personalities share though this one may be more obvious


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