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Rocky and June Empty Rocky and June

Post  TheComicCreator on Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:43 pm

Name: Rockaittle/Juniaih

Nicknames: Rocky/June

Age: 250/247

Appearance/Picture: A rocky anodye that is forver earthbound. Two blue crystals mark the start of his energy hair on either side of his head/ Always pulsates with the colors of the rainbow, has three different "braids" of energy hair that are red, blue and yellow.

Powers/Abilities: Immense superstrength, advanced intellect/Control over energy, can change the color of things, can fly, advanced intelligence

Personality: Kind of stuck-up, always looks down on humans as inferior beings and feels he as to simplify everything for them/ Very carefree and outgoing, like Verdona.

Likes: Others of high intelligence, smashing things/carefree souls

Dislikes: stupidity/ignorence


Rocky: June-Girlfriend/Others- Friends

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