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Here's a link for a group picture with the main protagonist in the middle:
Imad (also known as I.H more formally) is the human who found the Omnitrix that crashlanded on Earth during transport for safekeeping. Although he lacked experience in battling hordes of Droids and robots all alone,he displayed superb skill and a special gift in using the omnitrix,impressing Azmuth and his assistants back on Galvan Prime (They were watching the whole thing and thought at first all was lost when a human,member of a relatively primitive species,found the device.) Imad lives in the "I Corp" tower in Hara city later renamed Haratropolis,which he runs as an unofficial leader along with the reformed mastermind Jazzufa.He disposes of an army of robots in his tower to defend him from intrusions,and learned martial arts at the hand of Master Issam. He also learned how to use a laser gun.
Name: Imad (I.H formally)
Nicknames: Imad 10, Psychic Imad (after acquiring the Psychytrix), I'im (by his friends)
Appearance:Young man with curly and wavy dark brown hair,brown eyes.Sometimes wear glasses,later replaced by a futuristic Visor .
ATD: omnitrix,later replaced by the ultimatrix and then the Psychytrix.
Personality: Has many different features,a fusion of many charasteristics: Funny and Treasures friendship (He's extremely loyal to a true friend),is a little egocentric at times but this is only a cover,for he is in fact kind and caring. Doesn't like to use violence,but doesn't mean he can't handle himself in a fight,even being able to defeat an entire army by himself. Knows what fear is like,but puts it aside and arms himself with courage for the sake od everything good.Very Friendly,but you REALLY don't wanna mess with him.
He is someone who stands by many principles,some of the most important are: Always be yourself, Do what you judge is the right thing...
Likes:True friends,having fun,telling and listening to jokes,music,fast foods, roast pyroxivore (Mentioned in fanfiction),drawing...
Dislikes: Injustice,evil,wrongdoing,DESPISES bullies and jerks,the fact that some don't dare to stand up for themselves...
Age:He got the ultimatrix at 15 and the psychytrix at 19.
Relationships in the fanfiction: Unnamed girl who was one of his best friends and for whom he also harbored romantic feelings but never got the chance to tell her about.
Pearl the Psychyspiaen Scientist: It is revealed that they share a psychic connection and that they harbor mutual feelings for each other.In the final chapter,he was married to her.

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Use the template.


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