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Name: Sybutrix

Creator: Was originally an ATD (quite possibly multiple ATDs) created by Azmuth for the overall Omnitrix-s experiment but was heavily modified (experimentally) by Yttrium without Xenon's command. While most of the other ATDs were being used at the 'school'.

Appearance/Picture: A multitude of random colors and fits similarly to a glove on her right hand.

Known Functions: Can transform it's user into any alien species, that is if their is alien DNA from that species within it's radar. In addition in almost every case the alien transformation will be modified (often heavily) usually through robotics/cybernetics/other such technologies thus making the alien outcome to look slightly, if not completely, like a sort of cyborg (though sometimes, and depending on the species, just genetic altering occurs).

The device also seems to have the capabilities to be used as a weapon without turning the user into another species, however this has not been any where near mastered and only used to a very, very small extent.

Known Bugs: Has intended purposes, functions and settings that are either incomplete or simply unknown yet the device does as programed and tries to fullfill them. Whether the user approves or not.
Also, the user isn't always in command, in that the device will often become activated without the user's request or even without them knowing. Thus turning them into a cyborganic alien at random and possibly bad times.

Modes: Radar. Transformation. And others which lack finalization.

Wielder: Sabrina Alice

Misc.: Was Yttriums secret project, which he'd hoped to use or be used against Xenon. But when Xenon learned of the device (years later) he immediatly ordered it's destruction, so Xenon gifted it to one of his few human captives which Xenon had wished to make test subjects and that human was allowed to leave. Yttrium lied and reported that the girl, Sabrina Alice, had escaped and that the device had been destroyed.

List of Aliens:
    [* Any whom left/have significant samples of DNA in her area.


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