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The Tale of the Cona Empty The Tale of the Cona

Post  TheComicCreator on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:51 pm

For those of you who never check DA anymore Dummy
I'm currently working on my own manga! Very Happy
It's called 'Tale Of The Cona.'

Basically, it takes place in a world where monsters and magic are frequent. Where an un named group of villains commit crimes similar to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 just about every other day.
But heros are also frequent! ^_^ A number of which are called Cona;
The Cona are a group of people who, when angered or pushed to their limit in battle, revert to a demonic form and gain magical powers. There may only be one kind of each Cona (I guess they are kind if like demigods/ true gods) and other humans and creatures will join them on their quest.

Here is the current list of Cona and then creature types and other heros:
Name- Cona of _____
Areth- Cona of Fire
Hares- Cona of War
Chimera- Cona of Beasts
Koyle- Cona of Telepathy
Joone- Cona of Life

Name- Appearence/ Description-Danger on a 1-10 scale
BB- A terrestrial bat-like beast that often dwells in basemets- 4
Ogre- A tall, fat, two headed creature with think hide. One head has a horn, bot have floppy ears- 6
Troll- Tall, buff creature with strange head somewhat resembling a duck with hair(usually tied). They are easy to find but hard to kill.- 8
Loevault- A creature that is electrically charged and made of lava rocks. 8 1/2


Contact me if you wish to have a Cona based off of you Smile No crossovers please(Yes Cyle, that means he can't have an ATD, be a demigod, be from Panem, etc.)

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